Kaixin DCU12 VET

Kaixin DCU12 Portable Full Digital Color Doppler


Reasonable Humanization Design:

– 10.4′ LED full screen display, angle adjustable
– One-key-light keyboard function for black room use
– One button operation including one-key storage image, one-key review, one-key print, etc.
– Quick look up stored image function, raise working efficiency
– Multi-functional knob design, realize one-key quick adjustment in multi-mode

Powerful Data Management:

– Optimize checking image function, realize 1-2 second response
– Intelligent user defined, one-key review and storage function
– Neoteric internal workstation multi-plan module, quickly finish data, report, realize process multi medical histories function

Abundant Document Management:

– I-Station integral work station, connect to network, realize one-key print
– Large internal 16G disk storage capacity, permanent massive storage, without loss when power off.
– BMP format image ? 10,000 frames, PNG format image ? 100,000 frames

Completely Independent Intellectual Property, Master Core Technologies:

– Transmitted signal accuracy control
– Ilmage: image optimization image technique
– Adaptive color artifact removal technique
– Linear probe independent angle deflection
– l-station integral working station
– Phrase enhance harmonic
– Accurate vessel image
– Convenient and practical data management
– Abundant measuring software

Standard Configuration:

– Main unit
– 3.5 MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe
– 6.5 MHz multi-frequency transvaginal probe
– 7.5 MHz multi-frequency linear probe
– Working station
– Reticle

Optional Configuration:

– Trolley
– Foot switch
– Thermal printer (Sony UP-897MD)
– Ethernet switch

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