KM 600V2

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine 600V2



– Practical and portable anesthesia machine, more suitable for the pet hospital.
– Compact structure, exquisite beauty, save operating room or laboratory space; host with a mobile handle, portable and convenient.
– Host soft mat suitable for any place in the table, increased stability.
– External CO2 tourill can observe more clearly about the use, removal is simple, more convenient to replace the soda lime.
– Manual mode, no risk of power off.
– Abandon the laughing gas, to avoid hypoxemia.
– Compact design, functional, more user-friendly

Anesthesia Host

– Operating modes: manual (optional dedicated anesthesia ventilator).
– Work style: closed, half closed, half open.
– Supply air: oxygen pressure 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa.
– Oxygen double-tube flowmeter: 0.05 ~ 1L/min.1.1 ~ 10L/min.
– Rapid oxygen supply: 35 ~ 70 L / min.
– Carbon dioxide absorber: 1000g.
– Evaporator with a compensation function, single-tank configuration (enflurane, isoflurane optional).

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