Chemistry Analyzer EMP-168

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer EMP-168



Windows based user friendly interface.
7″ TFT adjustable LCD with Back Light.
Air purge between samples to avoid carry over.
Support RS-232, USB, Ethernet and SD card.
External Temperature controlled 10 positions incubator (37?C).

Friendly Interface

Windows CE.NET operation system.
Angle adjustable LCD.
Built-in printer and optional external printer.
USB mouse, virtual screen keyboard and built-in membrane keyboard.
Connect PC via RS-232 to transfer and print the data.

7″ Adjustable Touchscreen LCD.
Windows Operation System.
Test Results Simultaneously Displayed.
Open System for Reagent.
Low Carry Over with Air Purge.
Detector : Silicon Photo Diode.
Flow Cell and Cuvette Supported.
USB, SD Card and RS-232.
200 Test Programs and Over 100,000 Test Results.
Working Effectively Under High Temperature (>40?C).

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